Sport Climbing (rock climbing) is a sport that is getting more and more popular. Under the guidance of the coach, participants are able to carry out this nerve-racking yet exciting activity safely. During this climbing course, the participants will have to overcome their fear of heights, which can build their self-confidence, team spirit, physical fitness and willpower. They can all experience the fun of sport climbing in a mutually supportive atmosphere.



  1. promote sport climbing as an activity
  2. Allow participants to experience the fun of climbing
  3. To enable participants to understand the concept of safe climbing
  4. Allow participants to recognize the basics of climbing
  5. Strengthening their interpersonal communication skills
  6. Enhancing their self-confidence
  7. Fitness training
  8. Allow participants to overcome their fear of heights
  9. Train their physical abilities and willpower



  1. Introduction to climbing and the history of China Hong Kong Mountaineering and Climbing Union
  2. Introduction to rules of sport climbing
  3. The concept of Lead-Climbing
  4. Introduction to lead climbing equipment and their uses
  5. Sport Climbing Skills
  6. Slogan to sport climbing
  7. Dynamic protection practices and techniques
  8. The safety guidelines and measures
  9. 引繩過環下降
  10. The warm-up, stretching and cool-down
  11. Basic physical exercises
  12. 繩藝
  13. Assessment & Evaluation


Certificate: People who passed the examination can apply for the level 2 mountaineering and climbing sport climbing certificate issued by China Hong Kong Mountaineering and Climbing Union Certificate fee is $ 30, Athletes certificate fee is $30.

Duration: 24 hours

Targeted people: Level 1 sport-climbing certificate holder and someone aged 14 or above

Number of participants: 12-18 people

Equipment: personal equipment must be bought on their own

Location: LCSD’s climbing wall

Fees: HK$2800 per person excluding rental