To train body balance, body coordination and physical fitness
To enhance parent-child relationship 
To enjoy climbing in a fun, safe and supportive setting

Suitable for children aged 6 – 16
2 – 4 families in each course with qualified climbing coach
Course Duration: 55mins per lesson, a total of 4 lessons – incl. 1 child & 1 adult.

Format: 2 -4 families in each course with qualified climbing trainer



Point to Note︰
– Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.
– You must wear sportswear and socks.
– Showers and lockers is available.(Please bring your own towel)

Terms and conditions:
– GoNature HK Ltd. verify the payment after received , customer will receive an Confirmation notification.
– Refund is not applicable if applicant cannot attend the courses after registration.
– Please ensure that you can attend the course as assigned before registration.
– Personal insurance is not included in any activity organized by GoNature HK Ltd., please purchase one if necessary.
– In case of dispute, the decision of GoNature HK Ltd. shall be final and binding.