GoNature HK Ltd is a multi-colored playground for kids and adults. Come enjoy the fun of climbing and bouldering at our gym! We offers not only climbing lessons but birthday parties, social gatherings, cooperate trainings and many others. Indoor climbing is the safest way to do what people perceive to be an extreme sport, in a relatively benign environment. We have both climbing and bouldering routes with a great range of climbs which are good enough for kiddies, kidults and adults!

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本公司 GoNature H.K. Ltd 專門舉辦各項戶外訓練活動,能為各褔利機構、學校及商業機構度身設計及推行,既創新而又有挑戰性的訓練活動。活動內容極多元化,包括運動攀登(攀石)、戶外攀岩、游繩下降及歷奇活動等,而每個活動均有合資格教練帶領。本公司曾為超過一百多間,褔利機構、學校及商業機構舉辦活動,對與褔利機構、學校及商業機構合辦活動的經驗豐富,能完全配合和了解其需要。本公司更提供攀石牆及挑戰性設施興建服務,專人上門提供意見及設計。