How can I pay and what payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by EPS, Cash, PayPal or Bank Transfer

[Bank Transfer]

Account no:015-720832-838 (HSBC)

Account Name:Go Nature H.K. Limited

What should I bring?

You should wear loose comfortable athletic clothing and comfortable socks. If you have long hair bring something to tie it back. Rental shoes for indoor rock climbing are available for HK$30.

Do I need to bring a climbing partner?

Bouldering can be climbed solo without a partner.

Do I need to be strong to try climbing?

Climbing is very much a mental sport. The best climbers tend to study a route and visualize the movement and climbing sequence before moving a muscle.
But, the most important thing you need to climb is the desire to have fun!

Why climb?

Indoor rock climbing is a full body workout. The common conception that climbing is all about upper body strength is completely false. Elegance of balance, movement and economy of strength are much more important. More than anything, rock climbing is fun. It combines the physicality of sport with the analysis of logic games and the mental control of tightrope.