Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is high on the agenda of GoNature HK Limited. We care for and make contribution to the communities in which we operate. We support the protection of the environment. We strive for ongoing development and believe education can play a fundamental role and empower our youth for a bright future. In recent years, GoNature HK Limited actively participated in various community service and charitable activities.
Some of the GoNature HK Limited CSR activities were as follows:

The 24-Hour Climbathon 2016

(Oct 28, 2016) The Climbathon is back this year offering you 24 hours of fun, sweat, and more fun! This year, we are working towards raising awareness and donating to fund research and development for cancer. We will be donating to an organisation called “Climbers Against Cancer”, a non – pro organisation run solely by volunteers.

The 24-Hour Climbathon 2015
(Mar 7, 2015)’The Thaitanium Project’ which follows the basis to try and replace all existing steel bolts in Thailand to titanium ones. ‘Bolts’ in climbing are simply the only mechanism that saves a climber if they fall while climbing
outdoors. The problem with the existing steel bolts is that the current environment they are subjected to promotes corrosion in the steel, as a result reducing the lifespan of the bolts therefore making them more dangerous to climb with. The titanium, however, is more impervious to these conditions but they are more expensive.