Asian Cup (Bouldering) 2018

Asian Cup (Bouldering) 2018
24 Feb

GONATURE Climbing Gym將全力支持【Asian Cup (Bouldering) 2018】,3月10-11日於香港九龍公園廣場舉行。

Asian Cup – Bouldering 2018

Game On!

Asian Cup (bouldering) championship 2018. A venue which attracts contestants from all over Asia. It is an international event where top range climbers gather together fighting for their dream as well as sharing their love of this amazing sport.What else? It is gotta be you!See you there! 10th-11th March 2018, Piazza Kowloon Park Hong Kong亞洲盃是抱石界一大盛事,即將於香港展開。來自亞洲多個區域的國家代表猛將將會齊集香港,以力量、汗水全力爭拼,國際級競逐較量的熾熱氣氛即將籠罩九龍公園。當然最重要是得到你們到時於現場打氣支持,3月10-11日見!#AsianCupBouldering2018 #亞洲 #抱石 #10n11March #KowloonPark #九龍公園 #IFSC #IFSCASIA

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